Sunday, October 30, 2011


Another great idea!  For those that know me the most common phase out of my mouth must be... I have an idea.  Only problem is they stay ideas, some may get to some beginning stages but mostly just stay an idea!  I thought if I created a blog to share MY ideas and entince others to think about their ideas.. maybe someone will benefit or at least turn an idea into a thing.

When I say I have an idea, I really do.  We have all seen how many people take an idea, and poof it becomes a product and they are RICH.  Not me,  my ideas stay as ideas even though all have the potiential of making me some money or at least a feel good. So, this blog is also another idea only time will tell if its a great idea.  I hope that many of you will dust off those ideas and move them forward.  I am not an expert  but I know what I like, I know what works for my family and I sure know a good idea when I hear one.  Sometimes a person just talks to me about doing something and my mind runs off in a 100 different directions about how to make it succeed. Many times I wonder do others think this way or is it just me?