Thursday, October 3, 2013

Screen This Too!

I want to take a moment and use my blogging site for a very important service announcement.  I want to address a topic that is very near and dear to my heart.  October is Breast Cancer month … and all the pink is popping up.  I am in no way demeaning breast cancer or those who suffer from it.  I am a survivor myself but not from breast, from Colon.  I was diagnosed 5 years ago this past August with Stage III Colon Rectal Cancer.  During my journey I blogged about it at .  It was awful experience, however its one that I am eternally grateful for.  Nobody wants to hear the big C.  It changes your life, you can never return. Even when they say its gone, the thought never is.   I was so embarrassed when I found out.  We called it Butt Cancer as a way to make it seem more light hearted for our young children.  So as we enter October with all the pink ribbons and breast cancer awareness, I  would like everyone to  to join my friends at the Colon Cancer Alliance with another mission..
Please DO NOT DIE from EMBARRASSMENT.  Nobody wants to talk about their butts, several  years ago women did not want to talk about their breast.  Look at the response now.  I can only hope that we will be able to bring as much attention to Colon Cancer as has been brought to breast. 


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Post Cards

I am so excited to tell you about a new activity the kids and I have been participating in.   I am a firm believer in writing.  Writing stuff and then actually mailing it.  We all remember the best part of the day was opening the mailbox to see what came, well at least me. I worry that with all the electronics we lose the sense of connections that items use to travel, that we would actually mail letters.  I wanted my children to have the excitement of letter writing and getting something in return. 

With all that in mind, I reached out to my friends and family that are FAR away, at least several states away and I have wrangled them into a letter/postcard writing campaign.  We are lucky ( for this project)  that we are on the West coast and most of our family is on the West coast.  To my sons, the west coast is a brand new world.  This past weekend we created
and printed our post cards and off they go. It was super easy too.  We searched Google images for images we liked and printed them on card stock.  Cut it down to 4 x 6 and there you go.   I cannot wait to get the responses and see the excitement on the kids’ faces when they get mail from them.  Do you have a favorite childhood activity that you would love to pass on and share with your kids.  Anyone looking for a faraway pen pal?  Hit us up, we love to send and receive mail.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Playing with scraps..

I recently signed up for my very first block swap.  The swaps we were making were scrappy string blocks. We all used the same tutorial from Bonnie Hunter, who is amazing.  The string blocks were paper pieced, another project we jumped at trying.  I love them

 I can't wait till I receive mine in the mail.   The best  part is I get to send 2 of these all the way to Australia.  Now how cool is that. Scrappy String Blocks  are the coolest way to reduce your stash.  If you decide to make some, I would love to see the pictures.

Monday, September 9, 2013

I am not Martha Stewart

  but I want to be!  I would love to be the queen bee of crafting and have tremendous ideas with gorgeous results. I want to have a billion dollar craft business.  What a dream if my real life full time job was to craft all day long? In reality that is not the case. I do more  fails than successes , in-completes vs. completes and have to have a real office job to pay my bills.  For instance, I decided to make a clay impression of my grandson’s hands and feet with salt dough.
 That was an epic fail.  The dough didn't set correctly and the foot prints were recognizable.  It was a waste of salt,flour and time.  The only lesson I learned was maybe this is not the craft for me. Do you have an epic fail?  My list of craft not’s is a lot longer than my list of Yes, I did it’s.  My list includes Mosaics, glass etching, glass painting,  anything involving dough or plaster is not the medium for me.  My completions are a much shorter list to date, how about yours.

The point I am trying to make is that while I am not a Suzy homemaker, I am a crafty queen with ideas that sometimes turn into successes and some days even amaze me.   I ask you to come on the journey and dig deep, create and find your Crafty queen.  

Friday, September 6, 2013

We didn't know!!!

It amazing how you can complete something when you don’t know that you can’t.  For instance, we didn't know how to quilt and we did.  We didn't know that Free Motion quilting was hard and we did it. We didn't know that sashing was supposed to be difficult but we did it.  We didn't know all those things but did them and ended up with a very impressive quilt.  There are still something’s to be done, but I feel it is gorgeous and will be loved by my niece, I hope for her whole life.

The binding still needs to be completed, which is not something I am a big fan of or enjoy doing.  I think that is because I have not figured out a easy way to do it.  To this point I have only machine quilted binding.  However on the majority of blogs, I see that a lot of quilters, hand bind.  This may be something I do next.  So let me ask all you out there, do you machine bind or hand bind.  Which do you prefer and why? 

I am also honored that my NON crafty daughter, said to me the other day .”Mom, I think I might want to make a quilt, on my own.”  All because she doesn't know.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hexagon Crazy

Yes. I the queen of unfinished projects has taken on another task.  I found this  EPP Tutorial which made everything so clear and so easy.  I just knew that I had to try it out.  I also had the perfect fabric.  Here is my shot at hexagons, thanks to Sarah!
 I also recommend you check out the entire blog as I am now a big fam.  So as far as what I am going to make with them... well check back in a few weeks and I should be done.  They will be quilted into a gift for my niece.

A finish.

I actually got over the Overwhelmed and buckled down.  I started with some basic organization of my ideas and projects to be complete that are already started.  Once I had a realistic list, I actually set to work.  I was able to buckle down and complete my daughters lap quilt. This was made of scrappy fabric that I received and a $3.00 fleece from Wal-Mart.  In all actually it took me 2 hours to complete!  I cannot believe Only 2 hours and I was procrastinating for months!!!  
 The thrill is she is so HAPPY with the end result.  I also complete the embroidered bag for my other daughter’s birthday that was July 3.  I was greatly surprised with how well it has come out and am thinking of offering these in our future store.
I do have to share a comment that my son made when we were shopping the other day… Mom ,every time I look at something I see FABRIC.  Yep, I have now trained all my children to view everything as either something we can make or as something that can be made into something else.   And the list is 
·          My sisters Mother’s day quilt (yes we are WAY past Mother’s Day) 
·        ·         New Grandbaby quilts (2 are in unfinished status)
·        ·         Post crossings postcards.. a great idea I’ll cover in another post.. still need the post
·        ·         5 Mug Rugs… 3 were supposed to be END of the year teacher gifts, but have not turned into beginning of year.
·        ·         Glass bead magnets (this is in hope of using up all those Mosaic craft supplies
·        ·         Embroidered pillow         
·        ·         Hexagon quilt …just started set a goal of 25 hexagons this week

Until next time, happy crafting to you.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Overwhelmed and Incomplete

I should change the name of my blog from Idea queen to overwhelmed idea queen.  I have so many ideas that I want to try that I am not completing anything.  I wonder how many of you out there are over loaded.  When do you decide to put certain ideas on the back burner???  How do you Organize what’s gets done.  This is my current dilemma.  Let me give you an idea of the many projects I have out there in a uncompleted status….
·         My sisters Mother’s day quilt (yes we are WAY past Mother’s Day)
·         Daughters Lap Quilt
·         New Grandbaby quilts (2 are in unfinished status)
·         Post crossings postcards.. a great idea I’ll cover in another post
·         5 Mug Rugs… 3 were supposed to be END of the year teacher gifts, but have not turned into beginning of year.
·         Glass bead magnets (this is in hope of using up all those Mosaic craft supplies
·         Embroidered pillow
·         Embroidered Tote for Daughters birthday that was July 3
·         Hexagon quilt …just started

And that’s what I can remember off the top of head.  So please share, what is your process when you are whelmed and do you feel frustrated when ideas don’t go as planned.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Obsession...

I cannot believe it has been months since I have posted.  That is crazy.  Good news is that I have been going crazy with ideas and working on my latest obsession which I think is the one.  I have been quilting like crazy.  Prior to last winter I have never quilted anything in my life, I didn’t even have a sewing machine.  Well now I have 3 machines, one which embroiders and my kitchen has turned into my craft room.  The wonderful thing is the sense of accomplishment when completed.  It is such an outlet for creativity and such an expression of love.

I also accomplished something I wanted to do for a LONG time.  I was finally able to give back and donated a quilt to the Message of Hope Cancer fund.  

The quilt brought in $200.00 so I am super excited.  Not only is quilting consuming me, I have am starting to branch out in other areas of sewing.  Do you have something that started small and then consumed your life but all for a good cause?