Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Started, I finished , It looks good!

I actually started and completed 3 DIY ideas.  I utilized all three items in my daughters room and so proud to share the pictures. Two of the ideas I learned from Pinterest.  What an inspiring site.  My daughter was afraid her room would be so cluttered because I had so many things that I wanted to do.  We decided on what what she needed and wanted in her room and here is the end result.  The projects are:

 Headboard Curtain - Used a spare curtain we had and wrote positive quotes on it with fabric markers, whats so cool is that even Dad wrote a few!

Decoupaged Letters -  She really wanted her on the wall with colorful unique letters.  So this is where i got crafty. To save on costs, I bought foam board (on sale 2 for $3) and decoupaged with black and white napkins, I found at Walmart.  As we were on a role, we also decided to do the switch plates as well.  I am amazed  how awesome they came out.  Not too bad for a beginning Crafter, huh! -Krafty Kat