Sunday, August 25, 2013

A finish.

I actually got over the Overwhelmed and buckled down.  I started with some basic organization of my ideas and projects to be complete that are already started.  Once I had a realistic list, I actually set to work.  I was able to buckle down and complete my daughters lap quilt. This was made of scrappy fabric that I received and a $3.00 fleece from Wal-Mart.  In all actually it took me 2 hours to complete!  I cannot believe Only 2 hours and I was procrastinating for months!!!  
 The thrill is she is so HAPPY with the end result.  I also complete the embroidered bag for my other daughter’s birthday that was July 3.  I was greatly surprised with how well it has come out and am thinking of offering these in our future store.
I do have to share a comment that my son made when we were shopping the other day… Mom ,every time I look at something I see FABRIC.  Yep, I have now trained all my children to view everything as either something we can make or as something that can be made into something else.   And the list is 
·          My sisters Mother’s day quilt (yes we are WAY past Mother’s Day) 
·        ·         New Grandbaby quilts (2 are in unfinished status)
·        ·         Post crossings postcards.. a great idea I’ll cover in another post.. still need the post
·        ·         5 Mug Rugs… 3 were supposed to be END of the year teacher gifts, but have not turned into beginning of year.
·        ·         Glass bead magnets (this is in hope of using up all those Mosaic craft supplies
·        ·         Embroidered pillow         
·        ·         Hexagon quilt …just started set a goal of 25 hexagons this week

Until next time, happy crafting to you.

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