Friday, September 6, 2013

We didn't know!!!

It amazing how you can complete something when you don’t know that you can’t.  For instance, we didn't know how to quilt and we did.  We didn't know that Free Motion quilting was hard and we did it. We didn't know that sashing was supposed to be difficult but we did it.  We didn't know all those things but did them and ended up with a very impressive quilt.  There are still something’s to be done, but I feel it is gorgeous and will be loved by my niece, I hope for her whole life.

The binding still needs to be completed, which is not something I am a big fan of or enjoy doing.  I think that is because I have not figured out a easy way to do it.  To this point I have only machine quilted binding.  However on the majority of blogs, I see that a lot of quilters, hand bind.  This may be something I do next.  So let me ask all you out there, do you machine bind or hand bind.  Which do you prefer and why? 

I am also honored that my NON crafty daughter, said to me the other day .”Mom, I think I might want to make a quilt, on my own.”  All because she doesn't know.

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  1. Hand binding is a really pleasant part of the process for me.

    Your sashing looks super straight!